ALMET MARINE was part of the 1400 participants that were present this year to this main meeting of the maritime sector.
During 2 days, more than 50, French and foreign, contributors, lead conferences about political and economic events of the maritime world, and about sectional stakes such as, ie, "the cut on vessels' energy expenditure".
Therefore, during these conferences, the choice of aluminium for shipbuilding, combined with innovative shapes for the lower part of the hull, showed up to be one of the most suitable answer to reduce vessels' energy expenditure.
Aluminium is already used for its qualities such as corrosion resistance and weight gain.
This material, recyclable to infinity, has a life that has not shown its limits yet !
The 2014 edition will take place in Nantes and Saint Nazaire on the 2nd and 3rd of December.
See you next year !