ALMET MARINE was part of the 1400 participants that were present this year to this main meeting of the maritime sector.
During 2 days, more than 50, French and foreign, contributors, lead conferences about political and economic events of the maritime world, and about sectional stakes such as, ie, "the cut on vessels' energy expenditure".
Therefore, during these conferences, the choice of aluminium for shipbuilding, combined with innovative shapes for the lower part of the hull, showed up to be one of the most suitable answer to reduce vessels' energy expenditure.
Aluminium is already used for its qualities such as corrosion resistance and weight gain.
This material, recyclable to infinity, has a life that has not shown its limits yet !
The 2014 edition will take place in Nantes and Saint Nazaire on the 2nd and 3rd of December.
See you next year !


Excerpt from LE MARIN newspaper:

The shipyard NAVALU, located in Bouin (Vendée region) inaugurated on Friday the 19th of April the expansion of its production facilities.


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aluminium sheets and plates in 5754,5086,5083, 5383 alloys, Sealium grade, and in the aluminium tempers (H111,H116,H321…) dedicated to marine applications.

Alumimium standard profiles (flat bar, angle bar, U profile, T profile, double T profile), specific profiles (Bulb profile), round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, aluminium bars, in 6060, 6005, 6082, 5754, 5083, 5383 alloys, Sealium grade, and in the aluminium tempers (T4, T5, T6, T51, T64, T66..) dedicated to marine applications.

These sheets briefly include the whole NF EN current standards with:

- Alloys’ chemical compositions
- Typical physical properties (density, melting range, coefficient of expansion, Poisson ratio, thermal conductivity, resistivity, specific heat)
- Technological properties of the aluminium alloys (Welding, drawing, resistance to corrosion, anodizing).
- Tolerance of length, width, thickness, flatness, squareness of the aluminium sheets
- Mechanical properties of all the aluminium items per alloy and temper according to the current NF standards (UTS, 0.2% PS, % Elongation, HBV hardness)
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An Aluminium users' guide with all chapters (pdf file) of "ALUMINIUM ANd THE SEA" from Constellium (old Alcan producer)


Chapter 1 - ALUMINIUM, METAL AND THE SEA Historical review of Aluminium The developpement of aluminium magnesium alloys of the 5000 family Marine applications of Aluminium in High speed ships, boating and yachting, work boats, ship superstructures, offshore, coastal installations Innovation

Chapter 2 - ALUMINIUM ADVANTAGES A lightweight material Diversity of semi-finished products, casting, rolled semis, extrudes semis, special products... Ease of processing Resistance to corrosion in marine environments Impact on the environment Recycling Innovation

Chapter 3 - ALUMINIUM ALLOYS IN MARINE APPLICATIONS The series of wrought alloys Designation of wrought aluminium alloys Strain hardering alloys, softering by annealing, tempers Age hardening alloys, principe of age hardening, softening by annealing, designation of tempers The principal alloys for marine applications, guaranteed mechanical properties at ambient temperature, mechanical properties at low temperatures, mechanical properties at temperatures above 100°C A new alloy : Sealium "Marine Grade", mechanical properties, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance The series of casting alloys, the silicon alloys of the 40000 series, the magnesium alloys of the 50000 series Properties of casting alloys, chemical composition, physical properties, engineering suitability, mechanical properties

Chapter 4 - DESIGN CALCULATION OF STRUCTURES AND FATIGUE BEHAVIOUR Propertiesof Aluminium Determining the maximum static stress, the case of a plane section reinforced with stiffeners, the case of a beam in bending subject to uniform hydrostatic pressure Transposing from steel to Aluminium, the case of a plane section, the case of a beam in bending Fatigue behaviour of Aluminium Alloy structures Service conditions of high speed ships General comments on the fatigue of metals Specifics of the fatigue behaviour of Aluminium, fatigue limit, the heat affected zon (HAZ), residual stresses, fracture mode, propagation threshold Classification of Aluminium Alloys Fatigue life of weldments, weld defects, classification of weldments Influence of design and fabrication arrangements, design of welded attachments, design of bolted and bonded attachments, making weldments Reference standards and regulations

Chapter 5 - SHAPING AND FORMING Receiving and storage of semis, receiving packs, storage Cutting to shape, plate and crocodile shears, bandsaw, circular saw, plasma cutting, fluid jet cutting Forming, influence of the temper, sheet bending, non-machinable surfaces, bending tubes ans shapes

Chapter 6 - WELDING Arc welding processes, TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas), Synergic pulsed MIG, spray MODAL synergic MIG with modulated current, filler wires Parameters of TIG and MIG welding Storage of semi-finished products and filler wire Surface preparation Joint preparation and setup Filler metal Examples of edge preparation for butt welding MIG welding Finishing Chemical composition of filler metals, repair of defective welds, cleaning, correcting distortion, shaving, shot-peening Inspection Testing welded joints, weld imperfections, approval procedures, common weld imperfections, effect of weld imperfections on fatigue strength Repairs and fittings Laser welding, principe of the laser, welding laser,laser welding of Aluminium, laser weldability of Aluminium Alloys Friction stir welding (FSW), principe of friction stir welding, microstructure of the FSW joint, comparaisons with arc welding, possibilities of welding with FSW, performance of FSW welds, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties The main standards that govern the welding of Aluminium

Chapter 7 - ALUMINIUM BONDING AND SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES Screw and fastenings, conventional screw fastenings, thread inserts Machine rivets, clinch studs, blind rivets, threaded inserts, repetition fasteners, self-piercing rivets, rivet selection criteria, important note Bonding, Advantages of bonding, designing a bonded joint, choice of adhesive, surface preparation, industrial fabrication, repair of bonded joints, durability of bonded joints,note Transition joints, parts of transition joint, properties of transition joints, conditions of use

Chapter 8 - ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS General rules, rule one, the hull is the earth (or ground), rule two the hull must be equipotentially bonded to all the metal structures of the electrical appliances, rule three the hull must never be used as an active conductor Direct current installation, batteries, earthing, insulation testing Alternating current installation, neutral, insulation testing, quayside supply

Chapter 9 - FIRE RESISTANCE OF ALUMINIUM The Falklands conflict Reaction to fire of Aluminium, non-flammability, no release of smoke, no sparking Classification of Aluminium Passive protection of Aluminium Thermal properties of Aluminium Change in the physical properties of Aluminium as a function of temperature, change in mechanical properties, change in physical properties

Chapter 10 - CORROSION BEHAVIOUR OF ALUMINIUM IN MARINE ENVIRONMENTS Characteristics of Marine environments, seawater, sea atmosphere Corrosion behaviour of Aluminium under control of the natural film of oxide Influence of the pH Influence of alloying elements Forms of Aluminium corrosion, uniform corrosion, pitting corrosion, transcrystalline corrosion ans intercrystalline corrosion, exfoliation corrosion, waterline corrosion, crevice corrosion Bimetallic corrosion, the galvanic cell, conditions of bimetallic corrosion, concept of potential, practical aspects of bimetallic corrosion of Aluminium in marine environments, submerged mixed contacts, emerged mixed contacts in open air, influence of the type of metal in contact with aluminium Aluminium tarnishing and blackening Role and prevention of marine fouling Effect of welding and design arrangements, effect of welding, effect of design arrangements Sensitivity to corrosion of aluminium alloys in marine applications, choice of alloys for marine applications, sensitivity of 5000 series alloys to intercrystalline corrosion Corrosion tests, exfoliation corrosion testing, test for intercrystalline corrosion of the 5000 alloys, test for intercrystalline corrosion of the 6000 alloys

Chapter 11 - PROTECTION OF ALUMINIUM Anodising Painting, degreasing, surface cleaning, painting, fillers, antifouling paints, drinking water tanks, repairs and treatment procedures, application conditions, paint tests, health and safety requirements, testing paints, health and safety, examples of procedures recommended by JOTUN Cathodic protection, cathodic protection of aluminium, neutralisation of bimetallic couples, quayside protection of pleasure craft

Chapter 12 - STANDARD OF MECHANICAL PROPERTIES EN 485-2, EN 1386, EN 755 Alloy 5454 - 5754 - 5086 - 5083 - 5383 - 6060 - 6005 - 6063 - 6082 - 6061 Technical glossary english french german spanish

Newspaper article published in "Le Journal des Entreprises"on the 5th of April 2013:

"Almet Marine heading for overseas markets"

In a stable domestic market, Almet Marine (seven employees, 5 M€ T/O) plans to expand internationally...

From the 5th to the 7th of February 2013, ALMET Marine exhibited at Euromaritime.
For the fisrt edition of this event, attendance was good and exchanges were very constructive.
Despite the challenging economic conditions for the launching of new projects and building of aluminium boats, the cutting of aluminium parts in kits and the global offer with extruded profiles show that they are well suited and very competitive in France and in the international arena.
This show has confirmed your interest in all our past and current developments wether on “Marine Grade” aluminium sheets preforming, on new specific profiles for shipbuilding or the broadened range of our products (profils in 6082, coils).
We would especially like to thank all our visitors!