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ALMET Marine took part in the project of the construction of landing barges for the French Navy. This project has been developped and designed by CNIM which involved architects Mauric MAURIC.

For the building of the 4 EDA-R (= Fast Landing Amphibian Vehicles), we supplied the plates, which were then marked and cut with our underwater plasma cutting machine.

These catamarans with a 30-meter length and a 12-meter width are able to carry a freight of 80 tons at a speed of 18 knots. When they are empty, they can exceed a speed of 25 knots.

From a very innovative concept, these vessels are equiped with a central elevator platform which, when it is in down position, reduces the draught up to 0.70 meter. This system is completed with retractable ramps allowing landing of men and materials directly on a beach.

Each vessel benefit from an homogenous structure of sheets and profiles in Sealium brand.

The building of these catamarans has been achieved by the french SOCARENAM shipyard.


For further information on the EDAR in operating conditions, you can read the French navy's article here: